Mobile Transactions Made Easy for Growers and Consumers


Visit any farmer’s market or roadside vegetable stand this time of year, and you’re sure to find an abundance of choices. Fresh corn. Juicy watermelon. Leafy greens. And yes, ugly tomatoes — otherwise known as heirlooms,

But when it comes to flavor, the uglier the better. For years, customers drawn to the delicious tastes of the iconic vegetable stand would arrive hoping to pick up dinner, but would leave empty-handed since they weren’t carrying cash. Luckily, mobile payments have changed that. READ MORE

Evolution of Technology in Schools

From computer labs to the mobile learning lab.


Today’s students experience school in a very different way than their parents did. Moms and dads might remember using word processors to type assignments, but now their own children are coming home talking about how cool the math game was that they played on their tablet at school.  READ MORE…

If You ‘Like’ it, They Will Too!

Kenneth Chang of the NY Times outlines study findings published in Science that suggest liking content on Facebook motivates approval from others.

Want an “A” on that last minute project? Post it to Facebook and get a lot of your friends to ‘Like’ it!

Facebook or Jedi? It’s all mind tricks.


Photo Courtesy: Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

These Kids Really Just Built a Standalone… Robot… Cyborg… Cane!

Seems like a no-brainer (pun-intended) that our educators would introduce our youth to technology and its usefulness. But there’s a whole next level of excellence blossoming out of secondary schools’ EdTech programs.

Philadelphia area veteran technology educator, Mary Beth Hertz is building a growing legacy as a leader of this movement.  Her recent article, Rethinking EdTechpassionately explains why she believes that teaching students hands-on lessons in technology, as early as kindergarten significantly impacts learning and overall skill-development.

 And this Vine video sure is cool, too!

It’s a Trend! Teens Participating in Tech Production!

Recent studies show teens are doing more with their smart devices than watching cat videos and joining the latest in social app or gaming fads. They’re programming apps for these devices! If this comes as a surprise to you, consider yourself informed. Learn how 5 STEMS from Maryland won the Innovative App Challenge sponsored by Verizon Foundation.


Photo Courtesy of Anne Arundel County Public Schools