Stay Eco-Friendly On Campus


Carry the message of environmental responsibility into your everyday life on campus. Incorporate small changes that make a big impact. It’s as easy as keeping a travel mug with you, riding a bike to class or recycling old phones with UHopeLine.

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Verizon HopeLine Helps Victims Of Domestic Violence


In 2001 Verizon started  using recycled cell phones to help victims of domestic violence and since its beginning they have collected over 8 million phones and awarded more than $10 million in grants to agencies and organizations to help bring about awareness and support to victims of domestic violence. We the people can now help to bring about a change.

The next time you go in to upgrade your device remember to donate your phone to the HopeLine.  Also if you know anyone looking to get a program or business started that has been a victim of domestic violence, Verizon is giving Entrepreneurship Grants to help. The grants range from $1000 to $5000 and can be used for virtually anything to launch a business, from office equipment to tuition for business courses.

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For an application or more information contact or call John O’Malley 
585-321-7264 or 585-261-5899