Infographic: Who is more social, Android or iOS?

When it comes to smartphone or tablet operating systems, which is more social? There are 500 million activated Android devices compared to 410 million activated iPhone devices. Android also has more downloads to popular social apps. Although, iPhone has Facebook and Twitter integrated into your contacts on the new iPhone 5, creating new ways to stay connected. Check out the infographic below for more information.


INFOGRAPHIC: Kids Want Tech, Not Clothing, for Back to School Shopping


A recent survey conducted by online shopping site Ebates finds that 43% of parents THINK their kids want new clothing this time of year. 

Well, according to the survey: 1,100 of the 2208 kids polled (between the ages 8 to 18) indicated that technology was their top priority heading into the new school year.  In fact, 42% said they’d specifically prefer a new smartphone, a laptop or even a tablet. Of those who were wishing for tech, it was the tweens (8-12) who yearned for the new gadgets more than the teens.

What gadgets are your kids looking forward to most for the new school year?

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Helo TC Touch Controlled Helicopter


Rule the office airspace with HELO TC, the  Helo RC helicopter you control with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device. Download the free app, load your device into HELO TCs Flight Deck and you’re ready to fly indoors in either of two ways:

  • Touch Control - Use a virtual joystick on your Multi-Touch display or touchscreen to maneuver the chopper.
  • Tilt to Steer - Tilt your device to move the chopper forward, backward, and side to side.

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ABC2’s Sherrie Johnson was live Timonium at the Verizon Store Friday morning where for some the excitement is building.

Apple is trotting out a new iPhone Friday…. The new phone will have a faster processor and a sharper more responsive camera. The new device is for those folks who must have the latest and the greatest. 

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Cool App Alert:

Sonar asks: Ever walk into a room and wonder if you have anything in common with anyone there? The new app aims to connect users with a few degrees of separation by analyzing Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter networks when they check-in at the same place. And with its newest version - just launched this week - users can Tweet at people and discover what’s hot nearby.

Droid X belongs at or near the top of the Android list. Verizon has a sterling reputation. Call quality was good. In a week’s worth of testing, I never had a dropped call. Find an iPhone user who can say the same. I hear all the time from folks wondering if and when the iPhone will land on Verizon’s network. I wouldn’t bet on that happening soon.

Meanwhile, Droid X is a standout in its own right.