Mobile Transactions Made Easy for Growers and Consumers


Visit any farmer’s market or roadside vegetable stand this time of year, and you’re sure to find an abundance of choices. Fresh corn. Juicy watermelon. Leafy greens. And yes, ugly tomatoes — otherwise known as heirlooms,

But when it comes to flavor, the uglier the better. For years, customers drawn to the delicious tastes of the iconic vegetable stand would arrive hoping to pick up dinner, but would leave empty-handed since they weren’t carrying cash. Luckily, mobile payments have changed that. READ MORE

Verizon and Coinstar’s Redbox Form Joint Venture to Create New Consumer Choice for Video Entertainment

Consumers across the U.S. will soon be able to enjoy the new and popular entertainment they want, whenever they choose, using the media and devices they prefer. What could be better?

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Verizon Wireless is throwing its endorsement behind the updated CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Service today. 

Here’s our COO Dan Mead: “It’s important for American consumers to have trust in their interactions with their wireless company, and Verizon Wireless works day in and day out to exceed those expectations.”

As of today, Verizon Wireless complies with and exceeds CTIA’s Consumer Code for Wireless Service, including offering the following to customers:

  • Detailed coverage maps at, including address-level maps for voice and data services and coverage for additional specific features and services
  • An extension of the Code’s 14-day trial period for service with its 30-day Worry Free Guarantee®
  • Extended business hours for customer service and 24-hour technical support assistance for general inquiries, reporting of lost or stolen devices, and basic troubleshooting
  • 24-hour customer access to personal account and service information through My Verizon with self-management options for billing, calling plan and equipment changes, upgrading service, devices and adding features, and managing Friends & Family® and Usage Controls

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