In the wake of Wednesday’s tornadoes and severe weather in Western Massachusetts, Verizon Wireless deployed additional resources to augment wireless communication, network capacity and coverage in and around Springfield, MA. In response to requests, the Verizon Wireless Crisis Response Team has:

-Delivered six mobile power generators for use by local police and fire departments, as well as FEMA

-Distributed 45 mobile handsets to local police and fire departments

-Added call handling capacity to several exiting cell sites in the areas most affected

-Recharged resident’s cell phones inside local Communications Stores

Today VideoSurf announced new mobile application that is now
available on millions of smartphones from Verizon Wireless.
VideoSurf’s innovative app lets customers discover, search and
identify video available on any device – including TV episodes,
movies, music videos and video clips – by doing a visual and audio
search using a smartphone or by typing a query directly into the app.

Looking for a way to give back to the planet and celebrate National Cell Phone Recycling Week?

With drop boxes in stores throughout the United States, a free printablemailing label, and an eco-friendly trade-in program, Verizon Wireless makes it easy for customers to recycle old cellphones, as well as batteries, accessories, and tablet devices, during National Cell Phone Recycling Week and year-round. 

Verizon Wireless offers its customers several options for recycling their old devices.  HopeLine®from Verizon collects devices and accessories at the company’s 2,000 Communications Stores nationwide or by mail to help victims of domestic violence.

To learn how to donate phones, accessories or batteries to HopeLine, visit or go to to learn more about HopeLine’s recycling efforts.