Use These Apps and Get Rewards—It’s That Easy!

Many companies offer incentives for using their apps to conduct everyday tasks like going to the gym, eating or watching TV. Check out some of them below and more here:

Gympact provides cash incentives to gym-goers. Users set goals to earn cash back, but if they skip an appointment with the treadmill, they end up losing cash.

LevelUp provides an easy way to use a smartphone to pay for a meal while scoring cash. This app links a credit or debit card to a phone and can be scanned to pay to unlock savings at a new or favorite restaurant.

Viggle is a free appĀ (data usage may apply) that lets people earn points by checking in to their favorite television programs. Accumulated points can be redeemed for rewards which include movie tickets, gift cards, wireless accessories, music and more.

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Second Screen Roundup: Brightcove, Viggle on Verizon, & The Avengers

Viggle uses the microphone on smartphones to automatically capture and identify the show someone is watching. Users earn points for loyally checking into programs and interacting with others. They can earn extra points by participating in polls and quizzes, watching extra videos, and playing games. The points can then be redeemed from partner brands like Best Buy, Burger King, and Old Navy.

The app is free, and can be downloaded on many Android phones and tablets. Following the launch of Viewdini last month, the Viggle partnership marks another big step by Verizon to take its 4G LTE service into the second screen arena.