Let’s Talk LTE: VZW Mobile Learning Lab Brings Technology to Schools


Every Wednesday during the school year, students at Calvin Coolidge High School in Washington, D.C. have skipped class and made a beeline for the school parking lot, but it’s not what you think. They are there to check out the VZW Mobile Learning Lab, a retrofitted bus equipped with its own generator, air-conditioner, 4G LTE connectivity, onboard tutors and individual workstations with Samsung Tabs.

The VZW Mobile Learning Lab, or Magic School Bus as some call it, is one of a variety of educational programs Verizon is conducting nationwide and at eight public high schools in the Greater Washington, DC/Baltimore area to deploy technology to underserved communities to help students become 21st century learners. 

Consistent access to the 4G LTE tablets and accompanying apps, not only increased student enthusiasm but also increased college acceptance rates at some participating schools, according to Dr. Barney Wilson, principal at Reginald Lewis High School in Baltimore.

Like several schools throughout the area, both Reginald Lewis and Coolidge have also partnered with Verizon Wireless to bring tablets into the classroom to allow students to interact and collaborate with multiple sources, opening a world of opportunity.

The Mobile Learning Lab project will continue this fall.