Verizon and Sanctuary for Families Launch Entrepreneurship Training Program

Today, Sanctuary for Families, a leading local provider of services for domestic abuse survivors and their families, is launching VETI, the Verizon Entrepreneurship Training Initiative. This program provides select Sanctuary clients with entrepreneurial workshops and computer training to help budding entrepreneurs prepare to launch and operate a small business in the five boroughs. 

The program is funded by a $100,000 grant from Verizon, one of five such grants awarded to workforce development and domestic violence agencies across the state this year to teach small business skills to encourage the creation or expansion of small and home-based businesses by entrepreneurial domestic abuse survivors to help them break the cycle of violence through financial independence. 

“The VETI initiative offers empowerment through hands-on training, helping provide the basis for a secure future,” said John Wyeth, Jr.Assistant Director of Development for Institutional Giving, Sanctuary for Families. 

Verizon Launches Entrepreneurship Training Program to Help Domestic Violence Survivors Become Small Business Owners. Learn more here.

Verizon HopeLine Helps Victims Of Domestic Violence


In 2001 Verizon started  using recycled cell phones to help victims of domestic violence and since its beginning they have collected over 8 million phones and awarded more than $10 million in grants to agencies and organizations to help bring about awareness and support to victims of domestic violence. We the people can now help to bring about a change.

The next time you go in to upgrade your device remember to donate your phone to the HopeLine.  Also if you know anyone looking to get a program or business started that has been a victim of domestic violence, Verizon is giving Entrepreneurship Grants to help. The grants range from $1000 to $5000 and can be used for virtually anything to launch a business, from office equipment to tuition for business courses.

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For an application or more information contact or call John O’Malley 
585-321-7264 or 585-261-5899

Grants to help domestic violence survivors start their own businesses

Verizon launched a $25,000 grant program Tuesday to help former victims become entrepreneurs. The announcement was made as Gov. Bob McDonnell signed seven pieces of legislation aimed at helping prisoners transition out of incarceration.

Eligible applicants can get grants from $1,000 to $5,000 to help secure a work space, purchase office equipment or inventory or cover other business-related expenses. The deadline to apply is Sept. 15.

The entrepreneurship program was part of $125,000 in grants Verizon dedicated to combat domestic violence through educational and work force development programs. Another $10,000 grant will help provide counseling and rehabilitative services to ex-offenders upon their release to help them avoid returning to the cycle of domestic violence in their new lives.