Community: A Day in the Life with HomeFusion


Happy to displace his previous Internet provider due to continual weekly outages and super slow upload and download speeds, Reid Holley (Store Manager at Valley View in Roanoke VA), was excited to kick-off  the summer with his very own Home Fusion Broadband Solution. Since installation, Reid monitors the service daily to compare his new HomeFusion to his previous provider. The results have been astonishing! He can download movies in just five minutes from Direct TV without any buffering.

Reid and his 9-year-old son can play on their Xbox LIVE without any lag.  “Before, we couldn’t even connect,” Reid said.  With HomeFusion, his data speeds have been very consistent, averaging about 15 Mbps on the download and 8 Mbps on the upload.  On some days, his speeds have peaked to 16 Mbps download/9 Mbps upload with HomeFusion.

Based on his personal experience, Reid is now an even bigger promoter of HomeFusion Broadband to customers, never missing the opportunity to talk up the service. At a recent community get-together, he showed off the service personally to his friends and neighbors.  “I was thrilled to blow them away with our HomeFusion Broadband solution,” Reid said.

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