Powering Mobile Devices in Non-Traditional Ways


While the battery life of mobile devices continues to grow – the upcoming DROID MAXX by Motorola will offer nearly two days of battery life from a single charge – the bottom line is that no battery lasts forever.

At some point, often the most inconvenient times, smartphones and tablets need to be charged, an issue that has led scientists and engineers to look into alternative charging methods.

SunPartner, an engineering firm specializing in solar, new energy technologies, is developing a nearly transparent solar cell module for smartphones.  READ MORE…

Evolution of Technology in Schools

From computer labs to the mobile learning lab.


Today’s students experience school in a very different way than their parents did. Moms and dads might remember using word processors to type assignments, but now their own children are coming home talking about how cool the math game was that they played on their tablet at school.  READ MORE…

Visually Impaired Students in Boston Test Innovative Technology

Visus system will provide a solution to better sight.

Did you ever consider that a smartphone might help someone see?

Innovators and entrepreneurs from Visus Technology thought so and created a system designed to help visually-impaired and blind people “see” things in a whole new way, using wireless technology.

Trials of the Visus Visual Assist system took place in July with a group of middle-school aged students in a summer enrichment program at the world-renowned Carroll Center for the Blind, located just outside Boston, Mass. READ MORE…

Smart Fitness Gadgets Help Summer Sizzle

Accessories to keep beach-goers in shape.


Planning that last minute trip to the beach, and want to ensure you look your best? Smartphones, tablets and other high-tech accessories can help anybody feel healthy when dressing down for fun in the sun! READ MORE…

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Christine Koh – Boston Mamas

For our Boston area readers and, or our friends traveling to the Boston area be sure to check out Christine Koh’s, Boston Mamas blog. Christine’s Weekly Blueprint posts are terrific roundups of Boston area events for the week ahead.

 We think this, “How to Make Butterpost is a hoot, too!


If You ‘Like’ it, They Will Too!

Kenneth Chang of the NY Times outlines study findings published in Science that suggest liking content on Facebook motivates approval from others.

Want an “A” on that last minute project? Post it to Facebook and get a lot of your friends to ‘Like’ it!

Facebook or Jedi? It’s all mind tricks.


Photo Courtesy: Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images